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  Photo Banner for Aquarius Rising Photos We have 500,000 images available to license non-exclusively. Tell us your niche and we can put together a package tailored to your audience. Everything is high resolution and quality. We have over 30 years experience supplying the industry with content via magazines and internet sites.

We are now totally compliant with the new record keeping requirements of the new law. We welcome our clients in the area to drop by and see how we have arranged our databases to provide all of the required information. You will find all dates of production on the site in the CD Mall (linked to each thumbnail) and also in the front page 2257 statement.
BULK deals
link to www.contentpackage.com

We now have bulk deals in the following niches:
BJ and Facial..3,222 pics and 3.5 hours of video clips
Shoe Fetish...5,000 and 10,000 pics with video
Latinas.......10,000 and 20,000 pics
Bondage #1.....10,000 pics
Bondage #2.....10,000 pics
Ebony.........13,000 pics with video
Ebony #2.......9,000 pics with video
Ebony #3.......10,500 pics 9 hours of video
Big Tit.......10,000 pics
Big Tit #2....11,000 pics and hours of video
Teen..........10,715 pics and 26 vids
Teen #2.......10,000 pics and 21 videos
Transexual #1.....3676 pics and 20 vids
Transexual #2.....8148 pics and 46 vids
Transexual #3.....6873 pics and 66 vids
Check out out BJ, tranny, latina, shoe fetish,big tit, and bondage packages at www.contentpackage.com
We have prepared video clips on most our models. They are 3 minutes to 25 minutes and range from interview, spanking, to BJ and hardcore scenes. We will include with the pic sets or license separately.
Custom Content
We shoot new content for our customers on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. We also offer six and twelve month limited exclusive on our fresh content. Here is our Price List for Custom Shoots Let us know what you want, we have models available to fill most niches and fetishes. You would get all rights to the photography with all the documents.
We will accept checks, money orders, wire transfer to my bank, Pay Pal or money orders for payment. Send a list of CDs you want to AquariusPhotos@yahoo.com and we'll respond with a quote about 50% below published prices for non-exclusive content. Every CD below the number 1130 is now 75% off.You can always call me or send your request by mail. Make an offer or ask for a custom deal.
Credit Policy
We will extent credit to customers we know. We are a small company and cannot act as a bank. See our credit policy for the limited terms we can offer. Gia Lashay at 18


email: AquariusPhotos@yahoo.com

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