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Credit Policy of Aquarius Rising Photos

1. Approved clients are limited to $1,000. of credit in purchasing content or photo services.
2. All balances are due within 30 days starting from the finish of the job or the date of the invoice received.
3. After 30 days a 2% interest fee will be applied to the total balance. After each 30 day period a 2% charge will be added until the balance is paid in full.
4. No additional credit will be offered until all previous overdue balances are paid or if additional credit will exceed $1,000.
5. Travel expenses will be paid in advance or at the end of the job.
6. Bounced checks will be charged a $35. fee.

Bill Schwanke

Email : aquariusphotos@yahoo.com

Aquarius Rising Photos

phone: 248-346-8749

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