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clap, clap, clap, very nice "Rafe Pix" rafepix@hotmail.com......Black Shemale Stars.com

Thanks so much my husband loves them. Great job!!!! "Lucky Charm" luckycharmxxx@gmail.com model Abbey Charm

I have just been posting the pics of Sinsacion and Savannah, and wanted to applaud you on the colours and lighting. I think these two look particularly fine together, with their brown skin and the vivid colours of their garments. This is added to by the lighting, and even the coloured gels. "Ebony Bondage" imaginereal@yahoo.co.uk …….ebony-bondage.org

Thank-you so much Bill! The bondage ones look the best. I love the green light effect. They really do look erie. It was wonderful working with you. "Samantha Grace" sassyretrodoll@yahoo.com.....model

Wow!!!!! Bill knocks one out of the park... again!! Beautiful photo! Alana Moore" alanamoorexx@yahoo.com........model

excellent work ! That's what I am talking about Bill... FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it exclusive "cservice" cservice@hughes.net.......... Rob…webmaster

Wow those look very good, well done!!! Thanks it was fun :) "Rachel Foli"

Bill u were really fun to work with also just to let u know made me feel very comfortable "Tori Taylor" curvy_torixxx@yahoo.com......model

Wow! Those look awesome! Thanks for the shoot, I had a blast! I can't wait to work with you guys again! "Avonelle" avonellemayhem@yahoo.com........model

BTW the guys went nuts for the first set of Erotica that I posted. I'm going to get a Rabbit set up in a couple days and I'm sure they'll be happy as well.Cheers I have to mention to you that I've noticed your work is getting better / really good and it was good before. Have you changed camera's or done something? My members have commented as "Peter" peter@iwebsl.com.......webmaster

Thanks for the sample.... they are awesome! As always enjoyed working with you! "kelly w" wldmynnx@hotmail.com...model

Thank you for being such a great photographer mspanther@bustymspanther.com...model

I am very m,uch looking forward to working with you again. You are an amazing photographer and I would love to have some of your talent in my portfolio. angelfallin1605@aol.com.....Rain...model

I just wanted to thank you for the pictures. They again look great. I enjoyed working with you guys. Hope to work with you again soon. "Shayna Banks" cherrysb@yahoo.com.......model

I thought you might like to know that I had TONS of positive (not to mention horny! LOL) feedback on the spread we did for Big Butts. I wanted to thank you again. Don't forget, I myself would work with you again in a heartbeat. The Big Butts issue definitely opened some doors for me. You will always have my thanks. "ScarletPrizm13@aol.com" ScarletPrizm13@aol.com........model

I love Mischieveious' set...pics look great. Thank you for the extra images. I appreciate it. "CathyAndAlfie@aol.com" CathyAndAlfie@aol.com....customer

Thank you so much, for doing the pics, and for the flattery! I nearly fainted when I saw that I was the CENTERFOLD! LOL "ScarletPrizm13@aol.com" ScarletPrizm13@aol.com........model

not only did i get some work done. i left feeling like i had made a good friend your were a blessing to work for and a total artist your pictures bring out the best in a person and u seem to know how to do that.... i thank u once again and hope to work with u again "jane bond" janebondts@yahoo.com.....model

LOOK IN THE PHOTO ALBUMS, it is in the NEW album called VANESSA_KJ_aquariusphotos! Bill (of Aquarius Photos) really did an awesome job on these pics! When you don't have to edit or touch them up AT ALL, you know your working with a really top-notch photographer! These were taken at a BONDAGE photo-shoot after all of the 'bondage action' took place! I will also add a sample of the bondage pics we did as well! I wish I had more of them but I dont own that content. Anyways, Vanessa was gorgeous and sweet as pie! I had a great time with her. Peace out guys :) ~KJ mcd_kelleyjean@yahoo.com

Wonderful. Your the best pro photog I know. Your experience and integrity show!! 77shoeman@comcast.net........Don....customer

These are too funny! I have my kids in the next room - otherwise I would be rolling on the floor laughing. Within the female dominant/male submissive niche is a huge group who loves the humiliation aspect, and I think you and I are jointly exploiting this niche. I don't have the models and the photography expertise myself, but I certainly have the ideas. This is a great partnership. this is a winner. Angela…..Lipdomcom@aol.com

awesome! thanks Bill... I really think your work is outstanding, if there is any man for the job, its certainly you! Sav…..savhannah@torontohottalk.com

Your models and photography are beautiful, they would look great on any site!! Chuck and Mary……..webmaster@shemaledommes.com

I have received a few positive comments about your pics...usually they don't say anything,lol. Let me know if you have any of that stuff, Take care, Kathie……….kathikleevage@yahoo.com

The pleasure was all mine sweetie. If you get any future offers for me, please feel free to call or email me. I would love to do a couple of magazines, shoots, etc. I had a spectacular time yesterday and had so much funn!! I'm looking forward to our next possible photo shoot Thanks Again Bill Julie…..julie4u@hushmail.com

Bill has been taking photographs professionally since 1976. He now specializes in shooting adult personalities for their internet productions and promotion. He has traveled to Brazil, Jamaica, Hawaii, Colombia, Philippines, and all over Canada and the USA to photograph interesting persons and places for publication.

Bill has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since 1991 and has been shooting for magazines since 1985 and then came the internet!.

Aquarius Rising Photos is now creating high quality digital photography for websites and model promotion.

Code of Ethics

I, as a requirement for admission to and retention of membership and participation in Professional Photographers of America, Inc., agree to strive at all times to upgrade and improve my knowledge and skill of professional photography, marketing and related areas. In all my dealings with users of photography and the general public, I will: #1. Strive to present all photographic services in surroundings and in a manner which reflects the highest levels of professionalism. #2. Deal with all users of photography and the general public with honesty and integrity. #3. Not use any marketing or competitive practice which violates any Federal Trade Commission, or other Federal or State regulatory agency rule or regulation, or Federal or State statute or any decision of any Federal or State Court; and #4. Strive at all times to produce photography and photographic services in accordance with the highest levels of professionalism. #5. In all dealings with fellow professional photographers, students and others who aspire to be professional photographers, I shall share the knowledge and skill of professional photography. #6. Support efforts for and assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography.
Aquarius Rising Photos, Inc.

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